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lowongan kerja bumn terbaru 2012 ~ PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia Persero or Classification Bureau of Indonesia was established on July 1, 1964, is the only national classification bodies commissioned by the government of Indonesia. To mengkelaskan merchant ships flying the Indonesian and foreign-flagged vessels that regularly operate in Indonesian waters.

Activity classification itself is a ship classification based on hull construction, machinery and electric boats with the aim of providing an assessment of whether the vessel is suitable for sailing.

Recognizing the natural condition of Indonesia consists of thousands of islands with an area of ​​very large sea territory in which it is made of marine transportation facilities in the form of ships, is an important tool that must be managed it would require a thorough examination, regular and systematic attack on the condition of the ship to wake up safety body and soul in the sea.

Based on these conditions and is driven by the national awareness and desire to have a national classification body which in turn will provide opportunity for experts shipbuilding nation itself, then in 1964 the Government established the PN. Classification Bureau of Indonesia.

BKI is an organization formed and apply technical standards in the conduct of the design, construction and survey floating marine-related facilities, including ships and offshore construction. This standard is prepared and issued by BKI as technical publications. A ship designed and built by the standards of BKI, it will get a Certificate of Classification of BKI. BKI will publish it after doing a survey of classification required. lowongan kerja bumn terbaru 2012

Classification Board as an independent and self-regulating, BKI has no interest to the commercial aspects related to ship design, ship building, ship ownership, ship operations, ship management, maintenance / repair ship, insurance or pencharteran. lowongan kerja bumn terbaru 2012

BKI also conducts research and development in order to improve the quality and engineering standards published to the parties concerned with ship classification services.

In addition to classifying the ship, BKI is also believed by the Government to carry out survey & certification statutoria on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, among others, Load Line, the ISM Code and ISPS Code (Source: BKI) lowongan kerja bumn terbaru 2012

Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia Persero
Jl. Yos Sudarso 38-39-40 Tanjung Priok
Jakarta – 14320
Phone : 62-21-4301017-18-19, 4301703, 430099, 4353291-92,
Fax : 62-21-4301702

Career Opportunities

As companies implement quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008, BKI has a commitment to give satisfaction to the customer satisfaction and continue to make improvements

Currently we are opening job opportunities as:

IT Development


* Male, Age max 30 years old
* S1/D3 majoring in Informatics / Computer Science with GPA min 2.75
* Mastering the ASP-based web programming, PHP
* Mastering the desktop programming (VB / Delphi)
* Familiar with SQL Server
* Familiar with Windows
* English language at least passive
* Able to create and perform presentations
* Able to cooperate with the Team

Interested applicants please find how to apply at Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia Recruitment
How to apply

Interested applicants may send their application not later than January 2012 to: sisfo@klasifikasiindonesia.com
Only short-listed candidates will be notified.
lowongan kerja bumn terbaru 2012
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